About Southern Mail Service

Southern Mail Service is an award winning highway contractor for the United States Postal Service. We are based in Houston, TX with additional terminals located in Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, Baton Rouge, Chicago and Bloomsburg, PA. Our Company is a Division of a larger family owned trucking business with over 500 drivers in addition to a transportation management services division for a completely integrated logistics solution.

Our entire business culture is developed around customer satisfaction. Every effort is made to ensure every load will get there on time and without issue. We employ a network of quality personnel including experienced dedicated drivers and knowledgeable dispatchers available 24 hours a day, all of which are backed by trained maintenance, safety, and office staff. Through continuous updating, we are able to maintain a new fleet. A new fleet, combined with an excellent maintenance schedule and quality personnel assure reliable service.

We are large enough to assure reliable quality service, but small enough to provide specific customized service at a competitive rate.

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