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Truck driver (Driver) must have a valid class “A” CDL license; be 23 years of age; have an acceptable driving record (MVR); have 18 months of verifiable experience driving a tractor-trailer combination, within the last 3 calendar years, and meet all interstate DOT standards. Driver must timely and safely operate standard transmission power unit over short, medium, and long distances, in all climates and terrains and be able to maneuver the unit in changing situations. Driver must know and apply knowledge with regard to all Federal, State, Local and Company commercial driving regulations, as well as company policies. Driver must inspect unit for defects before and after trips and submit reports indicating condition of such parts as tires, lights, brakes, fuel and be able to perform minor emergency roadside service of same. Driver must know or master a working knowledge of onboard computing and mobile fleet communication system, Global Positioning System (GPS), LoadTrek, or other similar technology as instructed when assigned. Driver must be physically able to manually load, transport, deliver, and unload materials, in loose or packaged form or in carts. Driver must perform or assist in the performance of loading and unloading the trailer when directed to do so, couple and uncouple tractor-trailers to facilitate pick up and delivery of materials. Driver must carry, maintain, verify, compile, collect, complete and process all required paperwork in a timely manner.

Driver is dispatched and therefore must provide employer with a current and operational cellular and/or home telephone number. A home telephone number is only required if employee elects to have a hard home phone line. A cellular telephone however, is mandatory and required at the driver’s sole expense. The driver must have cell phone with them while on duty. Regular and reliable attendance is required. Driver may work as much as 70 hours within an 8-day period. Driver is required to sit for extensive periods with both hands on the steering wheel. Rest facilities may not be available other than at periodic intervals and in some cases at lengthy intervals. Driver may have to drive during any 24-hour period on any day of the week including holidays. Driver is subject to irregular hours and meals. Driver must be able to climb in and out of equipment, often with extended range of motion to perform such tasks as hooking and unhooking trailers, connecting hoses and electrical lines, manually cranking dolly wheels, raising and lowering roll-up door, raising and lowering hood of tractor, and crouching and crawling to inspect under carriage. In order to do these and other tasks drivers must be able to sit, bend, stoop, twist, climb, crawl, crouch, reach, walk, pull and push. Driver is not always in a temperature-controlled environment, will be exposed to periods of being outdoors, and will be subject to all types of weather and temperatures. Driver may become exposed to petroleum based products and byproducts such as, but not limited to, oil, diesel, gasoline, carbon monoxide and grease. Driver may be required to work in cramped quarters and/or on irregular or uneven surfaces.

Driver may be required to load, unload, sort and handle cargo to and from trailers by hand or by use of mechanical equipment such as carts or a pallet jack. In this regard, driver must be able to bend, stoop, twist, climb and move freely in the handling of cargo that may weigh more than 100 pounds. Driver must be able to lift from 60 – 100 pounds. Driver must be able to lift (60) pounds over the head and must be able to exert a minimum of 70 pounds pull pressure on the 5th wheel lock and trailer tandem release. Additionally the driver must be able to safely maneuver a cart weighing up to 1600 pounds.


Observation and measurement of the job indicate the following physical demands:

  • Strength - Heavy: Requires lifting of 100 pounds maximum with frequent lifting and/or carrying of objects weighing up to 60 pounds.

Driver may also be required to move items by:

  • Lifting - Raising or lowering an object from one level to another (includes upward pulling).
  • Carrying - Transporting an object, usually holding it in the hands, or arms, or on the shoulder.
  • Pulling/Pushing - Exerting force upon an object so the object moves toward/away from the force.

Other Physical Demands include:

  • Sitting - Remaining in a normal seated position for prolonged period of time.
  • Walking - Moving about on foot.
  • Climbing and/or Balancing - Ascending or descending steps, ladders, stairs, ramps, platforms, and the like using feet and legs and/or hands and arms. Maintaining equilibrium to prevent falling when climbing, walking, standing, crouching, kneeling, crawling or stooping on variable surfaces.
  • Stooping - Bending the body downward and forward by bending the spine at the waist.
  • Kneeling - Bending the legs at the knees to come to a rest at the knee or knees.
  • Crouching - Bending the body downward and forward by bending the legs and spine.
  • Crawling - Moving about on the hands and feet or hands and knees.
  • Reaching - Extending the hands and arms in any direction.
  • Handling - Seizing, holding, grasping, turning or otherwise working with the hand or hands.
  • Fingering - Working primarily with the fingers as opposed to the whole hand or arm.

Physical Qualifications:

Driver will be required to meet and maintain the standards of physical qualification for commercial driver fitness determination as set out in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations compulsory Medical Examination Report. These qualifications include but are not limited to hearing and vision requirements, health history and the body systems.

Observation and measurement of the job indicate the following environmental conditions:

The driver will be required to work both inside and outside, day or night, be subject to frequent temperature changes, extreme heat and cold, wet and humid, or dry and arid conditions. Exposed to vibrations, fumes and dust.

Observation and measurement of the job indicate the following mathematical, language, and vocational conditions:

Driver must have the ability to add, subtract, multiply and divide all units of measure. Driver must know or have the ability to learn military time.

Be able to write or print simple sentences containing subject, verb, and object. Be able to complete accurately and legibly all required DOT and company paper work.

Be able to understand and follow instructions.

Be able to use a Road Map.

Be able to operate electronic devises such as onboard computer, Load Tracker devises, a GPS, or similar technology.

Education / Requirements

Must be able to read, speak and understand the English language sufficiently to converse with the general public, to understand highway traffic signs and signals in the English language, to respond to inquiries, and to make written entries on reports and records, or enter information on an electronic devise.

Driver can safely operate all Company power units up to and including a diesel tractor pulling a trailer of maximum legal length.

Regulations / Policies / Procedures / Rules

Driver must know and comply with all federal, state, local and company regulations, policies, procedures, and rules as implemented and as amended from time to time.


%79 To safely and timely drive tractor or combination of tractor-trailer, bobtail, or any other Company vehicle with or without a lift gate unit between origin and destination points and all points in between, during any 24-hour period of any weekday in all weather conditions, terrains, and changing highway conditions, and promptly report any delays.

%3 Inspect vehicles and required part accessories to determine safe operating condition prior, during and conclusion of each trip and prepare Department Of Transportation and Company required inspection forms.

%10 Perform or participate in the loading and unloading of cargo either manually or using a pallet jack. Follow instructions regarding cargo. When loading must insure all cargo is properly strapped or all bars are in place and straps or bars are in good condition.

%3 Trip planning: Observe all special routing, detours.

%2 Accurately and timely complete, sign and submit all state, federal and Company required paperwork including but not limited to: drivers daily logs, mileage records, Bill’s of Lading, USPS paperwork, timecards and Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports either manually, electronically, or both.

%2 Maintain neat and clean equipment and perform minor maintenance or repairs including but not limited to fueling, checking oil and water levels, wiper blades, lights, etc. for operating efficiency.

%1 Immediately report all accidents involving driver or company equipment to management or safety department and prepare necessary written reports.


  • Maintain a working knowledge and application of all federal, state, local and Company rules and regulations that affect the performance of the driver’s job.

  • Perform any and all tasks assigned by management for which the employee is qualified and physically able to perform.

  • Maintain a pleasant and professional attitude at all times and comply with Company dress code.